Daughter of Resident 2015
Choosing where Mum should live out the last chapter of her life felt like a heavy and enormous responsibility, and seemed at times an impossible task – until I visited the Old Vicarage. It wasn’t the beautiful grounds and the rose garden, the comfortable and sunny conservatory, attractive dining room with fresh flowers, or the excellent menu that decided me. It was meeting all of you. And noticing how you treated the residents with the utmost respect and affection. The way in which you create a proper home restores dignity, identity and security at a time of such vulnerability. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being welcoming and patient with Mum during these very difficult early months. For persevering in getting to know her, as far as the dementia would allow. For your compassionate care and gentleness of manner and touch, whether it be giving her those wonderful bubble baths, or delivering her laundry or making her a drink. For all those acts of kindness that brightened and made a difference to her day. Sharing a joke with her, or something from your own life. For the activities, especially the singing, for discovering what made Mum feel like the belonged and was valued. Thank you all, all of you, who popped in for a chat with her (or me!) and put on her music, or made yet another Horlicks, or strictly dancing. For her excellent and nurturing end of life care, and enabling me to be part of it, thank you so very much. I wont forget you and especially Sherrie, who won Mum’s trust and friendship, and knew exactly how to get the best out of Mum, and how to calm and reassure her and make her laugh. It isn’t possible to put a value on what you offer your residents, you need to know its priceless. You also cared for me and my family – thank you! November 2015
Dr C Cleaver
Doctor, Yetminster Health Centre
We have come to appreciate the high standard of care that the residents receive by a very well motivated and dedicated team of carers
Dr S N Mottram
Doctor, Newland Surgery, Sherborne
Year by year I have noticed the continual improvement of care at the Old Vicarage with regard to the standard of care for their residents
Son of Resident - 2015
A very caring home where my mother has resided for eighteen months she is well looked after and whenever we visit there is always some activity going on. My mother is quite at ease and never nervous which she did suffer from before she moved into the comfort of The Old Vicarage.
Resident - 2015
I have now been here for over a year and as well as being happy with everything which is arranged for our comfort and pleasure. The most important thing is the delightful atmosphere and the care we receive from the staff. Our rooms are delightful and we are surrounded by a lovely garden. I couldn't have made a better choice.
Daughter of Resident - 2015
The Old Vicarage is a very happy place where you always get a good welcome. The staff are consistently kind and caring. The food is excellent and very much like home cooking. My mother is extremely happy living at the Old Vicarage. Her health has improved since moving in due to the good care and food. She enjoys socialising with the other residents and the organised activities.
Son of Resident - 2015
My mother arrived for a 'trial week' in November 2012; within hours she realised it was what she badly needed. Before arriving she had been going downhill (lack of company, diabetes not controlled properly, worry of living by herself, struggling to cook etc) but since her arrival she has literally gained a new lease of life. She has friends amongst other residents and her carers. She is superbly looked after, and knows it. The food is excellent. The manager's leadership pervades the entire establishment. It simply could not be better.
Daughter of Resident - 2014
My Dad feels secure and happy. Facilities are good, the rooms have en-suite shower and toilet which ensures that Dad has his privacy. Many activities are organised - choirs/musicians/speakers come to the home and off-site activities are organised for the more mobile residents. Very good Head of Activities. Good food/wonderful dining room.
Friend of Resident - 2014
The home is very clean and the fresh food is very good, polite and friendly staff, beautiful gardens and plenty of car parking spaces. The owners’ home next door is always on call.
Friend of Resident - 2014
When you enter this home, it always feels warm and welcoming. Any member of staff you meet speaks to you. If you have a query, they are always willing to talk to you and to sort it out at once. Residents are treated with dignity and care. Everything is done to make the surroundings pleasant. It's just brilliant.
Daughter of Resident - 2014
Mum has lived here for four years. TOVIC is a welcoming, caring, inclusive community. It is a very much part of the local village life and residents can join in as much as they wish and their abilities allow them to. Staff have good relationships with both residents and their families and I have every confidence that they will do the right thing for mum whatever the circumstances. A few years ago all four of our parents were TOVIC residents and we are grateful for the peace of mind TOVIC has given us.
Resident - 2013
Home from home without day to day household activities, enjoyment of live-in personnel pets. The seven (plus) years of residential care, with daily attention to medication has not soured my total happiness here. The rural nature of the surroundings area lives a container effect of peace and tranquility. The 2 way interaction of villagers diocese life. The nice thing about continuing here is that of a belated luxury retirement and I'm enjoying it.
Son of Resident - 2013
Nothing is too much trouble for the staff who have cared for my Mother with patience and understanding for several years. I do not think that my Mother has felt so safe for a long time which is very reassuring for her family.