Training & Development

We pride ourselves on the quality and volume of our training and development. All our staff are expected to complete a Diploma in Health & Social Care at the appropriate level for their post, but we don’t stop there as staff members can elect to continue their studies to the next level. This mean that we always have qualified staff ready for promotion.

A new member of staff will undertake the new Care Certificate introduced in 2014. This covers 15 standards that include; Duty of Care, Equality & Diversity, Privacy & Dignity, Fluids & Nutrition, Infection Control, Basic Life Support amongst others.

On an annual basis each staff member will refresh their knowledge and understanding of the mandatory subjects.

A key part of our work is End of Life Care. We have achieved 'Beacon Status' with the Gold Standard Framework and will maintain that through regular training for new staff and up dates for existing staff.

Finally through our induction programme for new staff we provide them with the opportunity to experience what it is like to be a person we care for by being assisted with meals and drinks. In the past members have been to Holland to spend a more in depth time being someone who needs care including bathing, their experiences are invaluable in inducting new staff.