TOVIC LIMITED, trading as The Old Vicarage is a Residential Home registered with the Care Quality Commission. We are NOT registered to provide Nursing or Dementia care.

We are registered to accommodate a total of forty one(41) Residents with low, moderate or high dependency at the discretion of the Manager. We have thirty-eight single rooms (sizes from 11sqm - 16.76sqm inc. ensuite facilities) and one double room (sizes 16.76sqm - 30.41sqm inc. en-suite facilities). Please note that room 45 is classed as a premium deluxe double room. Registration category is Care Home for ‘‘Care without Nursing’ (CHS); male and female aged 65 years and over. Our registration certificate is displayed in the old entrance of the home.

The home is regularly inspected by an officer from the Care Quality Commission (CQC). These are always unannounced at the discretion of the Care Quality Commission. Details of our most recent inspections can be found in the reception office. Inspection reports can also be read on website address If requested a copy can be photocopied from the Reception Office.

The home first opened in 1984 with just 1 Resident. The main house is a beautiful Victorian building and was used as an Old Vicarage. The character has been maintained as much as possible with nicely decorated and maintained single storey extensions suitable for the elderly. A Churchill chair lift is available on the main staircase to the first floor.

Admission Criteria

All Residents will receive care plan pre-admission paperwork. This is required to be completed and returned at least 7 days before the admission date. (Respite guests need to return the documents). This enables us to make important assessments to ensure that we can meet the Resident’s care needs and to ensure the Resident settles in as quickly and comfortably as possible.

We also carry out pre-admission assessments with a visit to the prospective Resident in his/ her own home and we make a judgement based on what we see and the information we obtain. Admission can only take place following assessment and we have confirmed in writing that we are able to fully meet those needs. We may like to contact your Doctor to ask if there is anything that he/she thinks we need to be aware of before your stay. Unfortunately we may not be able to meet everyone's care needs

All permanent Residents or person(s) acting on behalf of the Resident are expected to sign a care home agreement on admission and to arrange an advanced monthly (calendar month) standing order mandate for the room fees. A copy of the 'Care Home Agreement' is available upon request and we recommend that it be read thoroughly well before admission to our home.

Respite Residents have a similar agreement to sign prior to admission. A letter is then sent confirming the dates and that we are able to meet the care needs of the Respite Resident. A final invoice will be issued at the end of the stay. Please refer to the 'Fees' section for more detail.

We have a policy detailing the process for admission of a new Resident. We do not actively encourage emergency admissions, however in the event of an emergency admission becoming necessary; it is paramount that initial enquiry forms are completed. All other information generally required, will be obtained as soon as possible.