At The Old Vicarage we strongly believe in promoting Resident's independence and so therefore encourage Residents to take responsibility to retain, administer and control their own medication if they wish, within a risk management framework. Records are kept for all medicines received, administered and leaving the home or disposed of to ensure there is no mishandling of medication. If a Resident is unable to administer their own medication, we are happy to discuss the system and assist and support where required. We comply with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) standards for staff to adhere to the receipt, recording , storage, handling, administration and disposal of medicines. 

Each resident’s medication is managed by Boots pharmacy monitored dosage system (MDS), which means each resident has a MAR sheet. The MAR sheet (Medication Administration Records) has the medication that has been prescribed with the dosage and the time it is to be administered. This is all on the left-hand side of the MAR sheet.

Medications of Residents who stay with us on a respite basis are dealt with in exactly the same manner as permenant Residents.

Each resident has a locked medication cabinet with their personal information and MAR sheets on a clip board, blister packs, bottles and boxed medication. Extra stock is kept in the main medication room, all residents have an individual box with their extra boxed medication.

Controlled drugs (i.e. Temazepam, MST) are stored in an appropriate controlled drugs medication cabinet, which is in line with current guidance and legislation. 

Louise Turner, Sue Sims and Kim Retter are responsible for the medication at The Old Vicarage