End of Life Care

End of Life Journey/Living Wills

The Old Vicarage is proud to have Beacon status award in the Gold Standards Framework for End of Life Care.

Resident’s wishes concerning terminal care and death are discussed and carried out including observations of religious and cultural customs. The policy of the home is to attempt resuscitation of a Resident. The only time when resuscitation would not be attempted would be if a client had completed a DNAR form. Your own GP will discuss a Do Not Attempt Resuscitation (DNAR) form with you.

Medical professionals entering the home however may take it upon themselves to resuscitate a Resident if they believe it is appropriate to do so. If in the event of an emergency, you wish not to be resuscitated by a doctor or paramedic you must make this clear in an advance decision and communicate to the Registered Manager if you have one in place.

The purpose of the document is to set out the person’s preferences about the future medical treatment they would like to have or wish to refuse should they experience a condition which prevents them from making their own views known. Our staff are appropriately trained and respect individuals wishes.

In October 2009 The Old Vicarage became a part of The Gold Standard Framework. After three years of working towards accreditation for providing excellent end of life care we were accredited ‘Beacon’ status in June 2012.

Over the last three years we have continued to develop the GSF and in July 2015 we had our re-accreditation inspection, the award was confirmed in August.

The GSF has enabled the home to demonstrate that we work as part of a multi professional team and has promoted considerable amount of understanding between other homes, community staff and GPs.

All our residents deserve the best care we can provide ‘Gold Standard of Care, this includes support that is of a high quality, reliable and consistent, helping them to live well and spend their last days in the place of their choice.’